Working With The Tarot Card of the Day

The Benefits Of Working With One Tarot Card A Day

Tarot enthusiasts are very keen on choosing a card everyday. Though the basic activity remains the same — to pull one card daily- but there are various goals or reasons and different approaches to learning tarot and tarot spreads. Some of the reasons include learning the cards or a particular deck, using the image for journaling, checking in with Divine energy for inspiration or guidance or predicting what is expected on a particular day.

There are various methods of drawing the card for the day just like various reasons for choosing the cards.  Go through the card in order, if you want to get familiar with a particular deck or wish to learn each card in great detail. You can choose the order in whatever manner you like. This method implies having a different card everyday for the next seventy-eight days.

Random drawing of one card everyday is a great way to go for people who are looking for a daily message. Most of the people have a particular deck that is geared towards a card-a-day reading. Having a different deck for every day of the week is another option to consider but is certainly not necessary. Most of the tarot enthusiasts do not use the aeries of decks they have. This can be a great way of using some of the decks you do not like for readings. Simply draw one card at a random each day, if you use varying decks for each of the days of the week. No matter whether you are using seven decks or just one deck, pulling a card at random offers an extra advantage — watching trends.  Track the cards you are drawing and look for patterns — repetition of cards, domination of certain numbers or a suit. If you get the same card over and over, it can be an indication that the Divine energy is trying to convey some message. Getting a number of swords for example, indicates that you might face a challenge. On the other hand, if you are getting a series of number twos over and over, it may mean a message about choices or balance.

After pulling a card for the day, what are you to do with it? There are a number of options. Each tarot spread serves a purpose and if you are still learning tarot; don't limit yourself. Try them all. Before drawing a card for the day, ask yourself, "What is the thing I need to know today"? Evaluate the card in your own way and use it as guidance for your plans and weekly challenges.


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