Tarot Card of the Day

Reflecting on a tarot card each day is a great way to learn tarot and to better understand tarot card meanings. It can also help bring to light whatever issues or challenges the day may have in store for you and provide you with guidance on how to address them.

A daily tarot card can also be used for meditation, contemplation, brainstorming, solving problems or processing feelings. Tarot reading provides us with a new language that can deepen our experience as human beings. It helps us to connect to our inner selves. Most importantly, it can teach us how to listen our intuition.
The Fool Reversed
Be careful not to commit to something you are unsure about. This is not the time to take too many risks. Being impulsive or reckless can have negative consequences. You may experience a period of feeling overwhelmed. You need to take the necessary time to gain a deeper understanding of your situation. Your lack of clarity or foresight is hindering your decision making abilities. In love Tarot, there could be the start of a new relationship.