Why Is Coffee So Socially Popular?

It would seem that everyone meets up to go for coffee lately. Unless you have been living under a rock so far, you must have noticed the tendency of planning everything form business meetings to dates or friendly catch-ups with friends while having a fresh cup of coffee. There is even a special term specially created to define these scenarios: coffee culture. This particular kind of a culture accurately talks about the social atmosphere and typical behavior that revolve around coffee drinking. Coffee culture also refers to the large-scaled adoption of coffee as a stimulant of the current society.   


First Coffeehouses

The very first coffeehouses were given birth to in Turkey at the end of the 14th century. The social hubs that played the role of coffee houses were located in Western Europe and also in the Eastern Mediterranean regions. They were also treated as intellectual and artistic centers and they attracted a large number of tourists. These places were decorated with special elements, and they held open mic nights and special gourmet services. In the U.S. the term coffee culture is best used to describe the huge number of coffee shops and espresso stands that can be found in all big cities and metropolitan areas. Recently, free WiFi access has also been added on the list of perks fervent coffee drinks can enjoy in their favorite corner coffee shops. There are hence plenty of people who choose to take their remote businesses here, work on their laptops and use their smartphones while sipping the liquid that is keeping them awake and active. It is also not uncommon to see many of them using their laptops or smart devices to play online casino while on their lunch-coffee breaks here. The term is also used to talk about the amazing influence of establishment that are serving coffee and which have surprisingly penetrated the market.  



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