Which Tarot Card Are You: The Significator Card

How To Determine Which Tarot Card Represents You As The Significator Card?

Often when tarot card readings are at hand, the person doing so will select a card known as the "Significator" card, that one which in fact represents either themselves or another person they are reading. There are in fact a few different ways of getting this done.

The first question often asked will be is it necessary for a tarot reading to have to select a significator? The answer is not necessarily but one should be aware that doing so can lead one to deeper insight and greater knowledge of themselves which often helps them make wiser decisions. For others it helps improve their objectivity. It allows them to look at the cards and have a better understanding of what advice to give the person they are reading for based upon the spread of those cards.

The Significator And How Best To Select It

The person doing a reading for themselves should look to select that card they feel best represents them at the current time. For example, if they are currently a successful business owner perhaps seeking assistance in finding new partners, they may look to select a powerful or shrewd woman or man. Good choices could be the King or Queen of Coins. If it is the Major Arcana one is picking from the Emperor, Magician or Priestess may be valuable choices to be made.

It is just so important that the card selected be the one that best represents the person selecting it at that very moment and within the area they are looking to get advice one's context.

Overall Significators

There are some that do in fact have that card with which they always resonate. As an example there is that person who wears around their neck the priestess emblem. They find themselves drawn to this card's energy and will personally strive to be it's characteristics. This will allow them to remain discerning and objective even though they will be deeply feeling and intuitive.

This is just one example of a possible choice to be made. Depending on whatever it is one is seeking guidance for it can and will lead to the selection of a different character of the Tarot. This is fine and as it should be.

The Cards And Which Ones Should Be Used As Significators?

It is fairly common practice for most people to stick with the court cards and the Major Arcana since the majority of specific personality characteristics are represented by them. One should be aware however that they do not have to and should not ever limit themselves to these alone.


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