What do lots of Major Arcana cards mean?

What do lots of Major Arcana cards mean?
When lots of Major Arcana cards show up in a tarot reading, it’s time to pay attention.

The Major Arcana are the first 22 cards of they tarot deck. Although the symbolism and tarot card meanings of the Major Arcana can vary somewhat depending on the deck, they all reference the various life stages we journey through in the course of our lives. The Major Arcana are important because they reflect the various and important life challenges we must face in order to develop as individuals. These challenges can be both personal and spiritual in nature.

Each card in the Major Arcana represents an important lesson or message. Whenever they appear in a tarot reading, you can assume that something of significance needs to be acknowledged and understood. More importantly, there is usually an area in one’s life that requires growth or acceptance.

When a number of Major Arcana cards show up in a tarot reading, you can anticipate that you will have very little control over the circumstances. Major Arcana cards are often associated with fate or destiny. In tarot reading, Major Arcana cards suggest that you have very little power to change your present situation. You will have to let the situation play out as it was intended and run its course of action.

All of the Major Arcana are powerful cards that reveal important impasses and transitions. When multiple cards appear in a reading it is important to really pay attention to what’s going on. Major life changes may be in motion and it is time to ask important questions about what the cards may be telling you about your life. Where are the areas you need to grow? What types of changes are being asked of you? What do you think you are meant to learn? The Major Arcana always urges you to take a deeper look at your current circumstances. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about yourself.

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