What Are Tarot Readings?

What Are Tarot Readings?
The basics of Tarot and the art of Tarot Reading explained.

Tarot reading is a form of card divination used by those who seek spiritual guidance. Tarot readings can be used to answer specific questions, foretell the past, present or future, or to explore a particular subject of interest in detail.

A traditional tarot deck consists of seventy-eight cards grouped into two distinct parts. The first part of the deck is known as the Major Arcana which is comprised of a total of twenty-two cards each with their own unique meanings. The second part of the deck is known as the Minor Arcana which is comprised of a total of fifty-six cards which can equally be divided into four suits similar to a modern playing card deck. Each of the four suits found in a tarot deck (Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands) has cards that range from ace through king. However, unlike a playing deck, each suit in a tarot deck contains one extra card known as the squire. Each suit also carries its own unique theme. The Cup cards typically represent themes about love and emotions, the Pentacles cards typically represent themes about money and material gain, the Sword cards typically represent themes about truth and conflict, and the Wand cards typically represent themes about creativity and spirituality.

Tarot readings do not have to be conducted by a psychic or even a live tarot reader. Many internet sites offer free tarot readings that are computer generated.  However, most people who are not experienced in tarot often find computer generated tarot readings difficult to interpret while others often complain that they are not as accurate as similar readings conducted by an actual tarot reader.

Live tarot readings are typically done in person or over the phone. If you prefer to visit a tarot reader in person, you can often find them at local psychic fairs or at New Age bookstores which often have tarot readers available to do readings for a reasonable fee on certain days. If not, you can also try looking in your local Yellow Pages. If you are leery or live in a rural area, you can also get a reading over the phone. The cost usually depends on how long your session lasts. Many psychic services have special introductory rates for a dollar or less per minute, so if you find such a promotion, it is usually best to buy your time in advance to get the best deal. Thirty to forty-five minutes should be a sufficient amount of time to get a fairly in-depth reading. 

During your tarot reading, your reader will likely randomly draw your cards and lay them out in a pattern known as a tarot spread. There are literally hundreds of different types of tarot spreads ranging from very simple three card formations to more complex ones that can incorporate an entire tarot deck. The particular spread your reader decides to use for you depends largely on what they feel works best for the type of question you ask them. When the cards are revealed in a spread, their individual meanings can be strung together to form a sort of story. This story and how it is interpreted is really what an actually tarot reading is all about.

How might a Tarot reading actually help you? If done the traditional manner, tarot readings can set issues you have questions about into a much clearer perspective. Your question can be just about anything as long as it doesn't require a specific answer. For example, the cards can not tell you the specific name of your future husband, however they will very likely be able to give you a lot of information about his personality and interests. The cards can also help you to better understand yourself and your own thoughts. You should also never be afraid of what you might learn. The purpose of a reading is not to frighten you, but to enlighten you!

Can anyone be a tarot reader? Certainly, although some people tend to be far more gifted at finding meanings in the cards than others. If you are interested in learning how to read tarot cards there are many great books written on the subject. The best place to start is by getting familiar with each card and learning their meanings. Once you have mastered this, you can then start to make your own spreads and do readings for yourself or others. Keep in mind though that it will take some time and practice.

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