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Weekly Horoscopes and the Influence of Your Ascendant Sign

What is an ascendant sign? By definition, our ascendant sign (or rising sign) is the astrological sign that appears above the eastern horizon at the given time and location of our birth. This is very different from our sun sign which is also commonly referred to as our primary astrological sign or birth sign.
Although often ignored, our ascendant sign is important because it is also thought to play a major role in determining who we are, just in a slightly different way than our birth sign. For this reason, to truly understand ourselves, it is important to also understand the roles both our birth sign and our ascendant sign play in our lives. Since this might sound a bit abstract, let's take a look at the ascendant from a more practical point of view.
First, how do we determine our ascendant sign? The reality is that unless we have access to the right reference tools, determining our ascendant sign can be a very difficult mathematical process. Fortunately, there are a few simpler solutions. The easiest way for us to determine our own ascendant sign is to either consult a professional astrologer or to visit a website that can do the astrological calculations for us. In either case, you will need to know the date, time and location of your birth and you should then be able to determine your ascendant sign easily.
Many astrologers believe that our ascendant sign plays its greatest role by influencing our personalities. In particular, it determines how we interact with to others especially during the younger years of our lives. This is the personality or second skin we all put on when we are in social situations or engage with others.
Since humans are inherently social creatures, it should be no surprise of just how influential a role our ascendant sign can play in our lives. It can determine such things as whether we have shy or social personalities. Or, whether we tend to just blurt out whatever is crosses our mind or put a look of thought into our words before we speak to others.
Many astrologers believe that our ascendant signs have the greatest influence on us while we are younger. As we grow older and our personalities gradually mature and solidify, our sun sign increasingly becomes the more dominant of the two influences. The age where this is thought to most likely happen is about 30.
Still, even if you are older, this does not mean that you should ignore your ascendant sign altogether. While your sun sign may now be dominant, your ascendant sign still has influence. It does this by mainly by expressing itself as another layer which combines with your sun sign to create a more refined astrological profile of yourself.
For this reason, you should always consider both your ascendant sign and your sun sign when evaluating your weekly horoscopes. Although analyzing one horoscope for your social self and another for your inner self can be a little more complicated, it is also likely to be far more accurate.


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