Truth and the Hermit Tarot Card

Truth and the Hermit Tarot Card
The Hermit Tarot Card: The Messenger of Truth

In tarot reading, the Hermit tarot card is a sign of inner truth, wisdom and knowing. His appearance indicates that the answer must come from within and usually calls for a period of quiet contemplation and meditation. What is most significant about the Hermit is its message of the soul. It is from this source that one can find meaning, purpose and personal truth.

Traditionally, the Hermit tarot card signifies the need to adjust our attention from our every day lives to our inward and internal world. The Hermit represents the path to self discovery and awareness. He can often indicate the onset of spiritual transformations or the sudden discovery of one’s own spirituality.

In tarot reading, the Hermit often symbolizes man’s quest for truth. The path to finding this truth begins within. It is not always an easy path and, at times, can be quite daunting. However, the Hermit has a great resource and that is the light of his own intuition which is symbolized by the lantern he holds.

The Hermit’s symbolic lantern serves many purposes. Not only does it symbolize intuition, truth and courage, it also can refer to healing and hope. The Hermit stresses that although the path to discovering one’s truth is not always an easy one, in the end, truth is always healing. In this respect, the journey should be a hopeful one. 

The Hermit reminds us that even the darkest journeys have light. This is the light stemming from one’s inner being. It is our own personal compass that sets us on the right course.

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