Third Eye Meditation

Third Eye Meditation
Psychic Development – Third Eye Meditation for Tarot Reading

Evolution of the third eye has long been linked to the psychic reader’s development of higher vision.  As with other areas of spiritual development, awakening of the third eye requires belief, commitment, practice and patience. The way in which the third eye is used relates to the possibilities available when the psychic reader embraces their third eye.

The third eye or pineal gland is considered to be the organ of higher vision. Use of the third eye is paramount to a psychic reader. It is also extremely useful for Tarot reading. Accessing one’s third eye enables one to tap into there intuition. It is from this source, that one can grasp the rich interpretation of the Tarot during a Tarot reading.

According to Eastern beliefs, the third eye is the 6th Chakra and our center of mental energy. Opening of the third eye relies on the health of the layers of chakra beneath it. Achievement of an open brow chakra is in part accomplished through development of impersonal intuitive reasoning; thereby reaching past the limitations of self-centeredness.

At times sixth chakra capabilities may influence lower levels of consciousness, but full use of this level will only be realized after serious study and spiritual practice, such as meditation and yoga. The ongoing practice of yoga, meditation and visualization exercises are routes for a psychic to develop the skill of opening the third eye during a tarot reading.  Eastern acupuncture based in the chakra system can also help unlock the third eye.

Activation of the third eye allows the psychic reader to sense and take in higher dimensions. There must be unity of the pineal gland or third eye within the pituitary body.  This is accomplished through meditation and relaxation. If congruence exists between the forces of personality, stemming from the pituitary and the soul stemming from the pineal gland, light is created from which the psychic powers of the third eye flow. This is the state where the boundaries created by egos vanish. This is also the state in which a Tarot reading can become more prophetic in nature.

The awakening of the third eye from its dormancy is an evolution achieved through self-awareness and practice of yoga, meditation and visualization.  A psychic reader will have a more developed intuition and a new sense of those things that are not seen with the physical eye.  Consciousness will rise to an enlightened awareness.

Meditation for the Third Eye
  1. Make sure you find a time in the day where you will not be disturbed. Find a comfortable and quite place to sit crossed legged. You may also sit against a wall or on a chair. Make sure your back is straight.
  2. Close your eyes and slow your breathing. Inhale deeply and exhale through your mouth. Try to relax your body.
  3. Position your chin downward towards your chest. Imagine your chest is pulling your chin towards it.
  4. Keep breathing deeply. It is sometimes useful to count to three every time you inhale. With every breath, imagine your body getting more and more relaxed.
  5. With your eyes closed, look up towards your third eye. This Third Eye is located in the center of your forehead. If you want, you can visualize the Third Eye chakra as an actual eye. See it slowly begin to open. It should feel as though you are actually looking up, but your eyes should remain closed.
  6. Continue breathing and relax your eyes while they are “looking up.” You may notice changes in your body and mind. This is fine. This is the beginning of the psychic trance. If you are having difficulty maintaining this, go back to step b. Keep working on relaxing your body and slowing your breath.
  7. Attempt to hold this for a few minutes. If your mind begins to wander, there is no need to pass judgment. If you lose focus, than begin the process all over again.

With practice, your Third Eye Chakra will eventually open. Slowly, you will begin to experience new levels of consciousness. You may start to notice small things that you have previously missed. You may discover a new awareness to detail. Ultimately, your ability to interpret the Tarot cards during a Tarot reading will become constant and easily accessible.

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