The Zodiac Tarot Spread

Tarot Spreads of the Zodiac Calendar

Calendar spreads are a wonderful gift idea for birthdays or as a personal reflection when you are being faced with many changes in your life and need to see the direction that you are being carried in by certain influences. These types of tarot spreads represent 12 months or lunar cycles.

With the zodiac or astrological tarot spreads, a card is first put in the center of the table. This card is the significator for your year. It will show you the energy that is going to surround you throughout the coming year. Beginning at the top, you should place the cards in a clockwise circle. You will want to use twelve cards for the upcoming year.

As you are doing your tarot spread, watch out for special secondary factors. If you see the same number reappearing repeatedly, take note of it. This number or group of numbers may have a big impact on your upcoming year. Find out if those numbers have any particular meaning. You can view number meanings in in our Numerology section. You can look at certain numbers and find out there meanings. You can also add your own personal numerology digits. Your numbers combined with tarot spreads can help you get a very detailed look at the upcoming year.

You should also look for cycles in calendar spreads. They can be a little more challenging to find if you do not try this type of tarot spreads often. Through the years, I have learned that you can see cyclical patterns. An example of this would be a person who is in an unstable job path or who cannot balance his or her budget showing up dips and high points in the cards to represent financial problems. Sometimes many cards in the spread can be reversed. This could symbolize a person who is misguiding his or her energies. He or she may need to focus on personal issues for a time. Many reversal cards could stand for issues like sickness, anxiety, sadness, or more stress than normal.

If you draw a spread with many Major Arcana cards, especially the card that is in the center, then this years is probably going to be very important for you when it comes to personal growth. The Major Arcana cards always stand for important events where the questioner receives the chance to grow. He or she will be able to gain strength and overcome difficult tasks.


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