Love Tarot & The Lovers Card

Love Tarot & The Lovers Card
Tarot Card Meanings of The Lovers Card in Tarot Reading

You’ve decided to get a tarot reading and you pull the Lovers card. The Tarot Reader tells you you’ve got a new relationship coming into your life. Is this always the case? The answer would be: not necessarily. Although the traditional image of the Lovers card depicts a man and a woman standing under the open arms of an angel, the true interpretation does not always refer to one’s relationship. The Tarot meanings are, in fact, multi-layered.

Historically, many early tarot decks depicted the Lovers tarot card as a young youth standing between two figures, one male and the other presumably female. In this case, the Lovers card represents the archetypal love triangle. From this perspective, The Lovers symbolizes an initial decision. The youth must choose between his loyalty to his mother or to his lover. Metaphorically speaking, this refers to ones decision to follow authority or to engage independently. This is what the field of psychology refers to as individuation, or the development of self.

In a tarot reading, the choice between the man and the woman represents two directions of action. The male represents the path of external action, where self-reliance enables the youth to develop his own sense of purpose. He must be willing to walk through his doubts and fears that surround his new journey. The female, on the other hand, represents his dependence on accustomed authority. The youth does not need to be responsible for himself. He can rely on the ease and protection offered by his dedication and conformity to what is already known and established.  Here we find the need for a choice. Does one individuate or conform?  At this point, the two directions appear to be incompatible. The youth must come to terms that he can only accept one path. He, ultimately, needs to sacrifice one for the other.

So how does this apply to the more traditional tarot meaning of the Lovers card? Below I have listed the major implications of the Lovers Tarot Card. In a tarot reading, it is important for the tarot reader to establish the particular meaning for the Lovers card. Often, this is dependent on which cards are pulled for the reading.

Life Direction: You have now reached an impasse. You may be confronted with a choice or decision that will have major significance. It would be better to rely on your intuition than on your reason. You may be confronted with a moral choice which depends on your level of maturity and genuineness. If you are experiencing miscommunications, you must be willing to explore your own inner conflicts as well as the conflicts you are experiencing with others. You now must take responsibility for your own actions and depend less on the actions of others.

Spirituality: On some level you are integrating both the male and female sides of your personality. In a tarot reading, The Lovers may be indicating a conflict between your animus and anima. The animus refers to conscious thinking and external world while the animas refers to the unconscious, the internal realm. Do you follow your mind or do you follow your heart? Often, the Lovers tarot card refers to spiritual protection and healing. 

Relationships: The Lovers warns you to carefully examine your level of commitment. You are at a fork in the road. A new relationship may enter into your life. You may have to choose between two potential partners. It is important to keep in mind that this does not always refer to romantic relationships. This refers to any type of union between two people. On another level, the Lovers tarot car can indicate an intrusion in your current relationship from an outside person. 

Emotional: In a tarot reading, the Lovers can indicate the karmic draw between two people. Perhaps you have just met your soul mate or have embarked on a new relationship. Or you may wish to exit a current relationship. In either case, you stand at a cross road. You must decide whether you follow your mind or follow your heart. The first approach would be the examination of your inner most needs and expectations. The Lovers tarot card refers to harmony and union. Ask yourself whether this applies to your self or to your relationship. Do you feel you need to individuate or do you wish to come closer to your partner. Can this be done together or is this something you must do on your own.

Financial This is the time for evaluation. Do not make any changes that would affect your income without considering all the outcomes. You are now faced with decisions that can change your career for the better. New shifts may be coming. There may be new opportunities that include partnerships around your job or career. All Rights Reserved. Images of individual tarot cards are from the Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter. They are used for example purposes only.


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