Top Online Psychic Tarot Readings

Top Online Psychic Tarot Readings

Although I practice the Tarot in my daily routine, at times, I still find it quite helpful to get a tarot reading from another professional, preferably a tarot psychic. I do this mainly because sometimes I want to an  unbiased point of view and fresh insight. I know I can always count on other psychic tarot readers to offer a different perspective.

There are a number of psychic resources available on the internet. However, since I favor tarot readings, I have identified the top three sites that I feel provide the best tarot readings. My three favorites are Psychic Source, AskNow and Live Person.

Although the Tarot is tool for divination, many psychics can receive their information from other resources. I tend to be more comfortable with those that incorporate the Tarot because I am free to ask them what cards are in play and how their symbolism is impacting their foresight. The Tarot is simply a tool for the psychic, as it helps them get in touch with their inner world. The inner world is where most psychics gain access to their insight. It is also the realm of the collective unconscious. By tapping into the archtypal imagery on the Tarot, the psychic can explore the nuances and actualities of one’s life. For the psychic, the Tarot can trigger pictures, feelings and senses that relate to your life.

My top choice for online psychic tarot readers is Psychic Source. In my opinion, they tend to have the most accurate and experienced readers. After doing some research, I discovered that Psychic Source has the most challenging acceptance policies for their psychics. Essentially, their psychics need to be more than just good. They are the best of the best and each psychic is thoroughly tested before they are allowed into their network. Finally, they offer a 100% satisfaction gaurentee.

My Second choice is AskNow. Although AskNow is one of larger psychic sites, I have had great expereinces with their tarot readers. What I most appreciate about AskNow is that there is always a tarot expert available. I can’t tell you how much I apprecite this when I am tossing and turning in the middle of the night. Right now they are offering an introductory rate for new customers. It’s just $10 for a fifteen minute reading.

Finally, I also like Live Person. They specialize in providing professional tarot readers. These guys know their cards and I have found them to be really open to communicating information about my tarot spreads. I also like the live chat format. This enables me to print out the reading after it’s completed. This way I have a record of the psychic reading and I can review it at a later date. The downside is that some of their better readers can be pretty expensive.

Finally, keep me posted. I would love to hear about your experiences and which sites you like the best. Perhaps, I’ll give them a try.


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