The Suit of Swords in your Tarot Card Reading

The Suit of Swords in your Tarot Card Reading

suit-of-swordsUnderstanding the Tarot Cards in your Online free tarot reading

The suit of swords is, what I believe to be, the most powerful of all the suits. The command of the swords references the current life challenges and obstacles of those being read. It is the suit that “cuts” through to the truth regardless of the feelings associated with such life challenges. With that in mind, their tarot card meanings can be unsympathetic and can deal great blows to such defense mechanisms like denial or repression. It is the suit that requires the most willingness, with spiritual inferences that demand a new awareness and perception, regardless of the pain associated in making such a massive transition of consciousness.

When the swords are drawn in your online free tarot reading, it is important to recognize that they represent the realm of the mind and not necessarily the facts of a situation. The swords preside over the intellect, and solicits new wisdom and clarity. Their tarot card meanings can serve as a warning for over aggressive behavior and situational miscommunications. In a free tarot reading, this suit can foretell an illness, emotional turmoil and even death. The element is air and the symbolism is that of truth. Like the sword, truth can be double-edged. It can be both enlightening as well as heartbreaking. In either case, this suit calls for new clarity and action. In my opinion, it is the suit that can reveal where ones behavior can be corrected and redirected.

Although many associate the sword’s tarot card meaning with conditions that are negative in nature, I believe the swords are truly the rays of reason, offering new light into murky situations. Their sharp edges point directly to our fears and can, often, tell us where our fear is too much of our reality. Should the suit of swords come up often in your free online tarot reading, it signifies that you may have unfounded anxiety over situations that require clarity. Making decision out of a state of panic is by far more harmful than just taking a moment to reevaluate the situation and sit in the fear.

Finally, should the cards be reversed in your tarot card reading, the tarot card meanings change. The swords reversed can refer to the nature of those around you or who will be coming towards you that may have a more difficult temperament to deal with. Usually, these tarot cardsreference people who can be egotistical, critical, controlling, judgmental, and insensitive. Their character defects tend to get the best of them and acting out of love proves to be quite difficult for them. In a love tarot reading, the swords reversed can signify unfaithfulness, emotion discord, and defensiveness.


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