The Suit of Cups in your Tarot Card Reading

The Suit of Cups in your Tarot Card Reading

suit-of-cups-1Understanding the Cards of your Online Free Tarot Reading.

The suit of cups tends to be my favorite of all the suits. I believe, it is the suit of the “soul” and it’s language always refers to the emotional aspects of our daily lives. In a free tarot card reading, this suit sheds light on the nature of our current relationships. This suit is remarkable in its ability to give insight into the emotional landscape of ourselves, as well as give insight into our love relationships and the relationships to our family. Because this suit is interconnected with the soul and the soul journey, their tarot card meanings can reveal past traumas that infiltrate our everyday lives and our perceptions of the world.

All tarot decks include this suit. However, they are not always represented by the image of the cup. They can also depict cauldrons, goblets, and hearts. Because this suit refers to a container of some kind, the element is water. I believe, water is a symbol of the unconscious, the dream world, and the intuitive natures of our psyches. Water is also a mirror. This mirror reflects our emotional natures, the wounds we have endured, and the gifts we can emotionally give to others. The cups also symbolize the “nurturing” qualities that have influenced our lives and can often reveal where we have struggled with a lack of this. In a free tarot reading, the suit of cups can reveal the areas in our lives that our fluid as well as reveal the areas that are stuck. Their tarot card meanings can reflect our overall emotional wellbeing.

In a love tarot reading, this suit can depict the onset of new relationships as well as the termination of relationships. Depending on the card you pull and where it is positioned, this suit often is associated with love in general. Their tarot card meanings are associated with ideas and concepts. They can be “birth cards”; the birth of a relationship, a new idea, and new actions to embark upon. The flip side to the suit of cups, is the negative aspects to our emotions. In a tarot card reading, the suit of cups reversed often depicts moodiness, instability, over-indulgence, self-centeredness, and an inclination towards addictions of all kinds. They can also indicate a broken heart, loss, and the failure of relationships.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask if there are any cups in your spread when you do your online free tarot reading. Should the tarot reader fail to know and understand the significance of the cups suit, hang up or disconnect!

Best of luck and keep me posted!


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