The Seven of Swords Tarot Card and Preparing for Adversity

In Tarot Reading, the Seven of Swords Urges You To Get Prepared For Some Upcoming Challenges

In tarot reading, the Seven of Swords card can often be predictive of potential conflict, adversity or difficulty. This is the time to prepare for any upcoming challenges. The best approach is to take some time to gather as much information as you can. Failing to pay attention to important details can put you at a disadvantage. It’s also important to use your creativity to think outside of the box.  Ingenuity and cleverness can put you in a more gainful position.

Often times, the Seven of Swords will appear in a tarot reading when there may be issues with potential rivals or competitors.  Take this as an opportunity to think about how you can set yourself apart from those who may be competing with you. It’s important not to misuse your power or put down others to put yourself ahead. Unfortunately, this can come back to haunt you in the future. It’s best to learn new ways to promote yourself and let your self shine in new productive ways.

The Seven of Swords tarot card can also refer to elements of dishonesty.  In the worst case scenario, the Seven of Swords can refer to theft, betrayal or other negative interactions. In a tarot reading, the Seven of Swords can refer to gossip or the fact that someone may be trying to take something from you. Remain watchful but not paranoid. Remember that you have the means necessary to overcome your adversaries. The point is to remain cautious but not overly cautious.

Let’s not forget that there are some very positive tarot card meanings associated to the Seven of Swords tarot card. One of the more positive elements is the concept of inventiveness and ingenuity. Whenever it appears in a tarot reading, it always serves as a reminder that you can use your own inner resourcefulness and creativity to change any situation that you find yourself in.  In this regard, it has a similar tone of that of the Magician tarot card.  Your own inner vision can enable you to manifest the situation you want.

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