The Queen of Wands Tarot Card

Tarot Card Meanings and the Queen of Wands

Tarot cards date back to the fifteenth century, and were used in various parts of Europe. Decks usually comprised of seventy eight cards, were used to play gambling games. Since the eighteenth century, they have been used by mystics and occultists as a map of spiritual pathways. The Queen of Wands is a tarot card in a group called court cards, and is in the Minor Arcana set of the tarot.

The Queen of Wands has all the characteristics of the Suit of Wands; she is associated to the element fire, and represents the figure of the Queen, which symbolizes the nurturing, feminism, and embracing personality of the mother archetype. This card represents a warm personality, with fire like passion. She is sitting on a throne, which has no top, indicating a mindset of optimism and endless possibilities. She wears golden robes, indicating that she is powerful, with a will burning inside her at a high intensity.

The meaning of The Queen of Wands is said to speak for one's primary instincts. You must realize consequences, yet  remain focused and keep moving forward. Special attributes like independence come with The Queen of Wands tarot card, and a lot of people admire them. A possible interpretation of the card is an independent, kindly woman in your life.

If The Queen of Wands appears in a tarot card reading, it could be speaking for any female figure you hold in high regard, or it could be a needed look inward at yourself. The Queen of Wands is the only one in it's court with no animal depictions on her clothes, they are simply gold. This could speak for a sense of modesty and simplicity.

The Queen of Wands is a complex figure, and could speak for many aspects of life. It can be interpreted in many ways. She is a kind, shining figure with a strong spirit, and a willingness to push on. She is a believer in infinite possibilities, a strong and compassionate woman. She stands for truth, and strength through adversity. She has an heir of positivity, feminine fire, and a willingness to push on. The Queen of Wands is a positive card, and will probably bring you good fortune, through the well deserved hands of a strong, compassionate, feminine force. Tarot card meanings can be vague to the untrained person, but with thought and belief, they can bring great wisdom.


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