The Moon and Pisces

The Moon and Pisces
In Tarot Astrology the Moon is associated to the astrological sign of Pisces

The Moon and the astrological sign of Pisces make the perfect partnership. They both refer to the symbol of water and they both represent the realm of emotions. They deal directly with the power of intuition and often reflect the legitimacy of a spiritual domain.

Traditionally, the Moon Tarot card is the card of subjection. It is at this point that one must face his journey by the dimly lit light of his or her own intuition. This is the inner light that is within us all. Trusting in one’s own feelings will ultimately serve as the best guide. The Moon Tarot card encourages us to face our truths: what in our lives is an illusion and what is the truth. In Tarot reading, the Moon is the cards of self-exploration often encouraging us to explore the areas where we have failed to be honest with ourselves.

As a Pisces, the Moon Tarot card represents a highly sensitive character. There is also a strong reliability to the Pisces Moon as she is dependable and consistent. Her intuitive inclinations make her an excellent people person, often drawing others towards her. She makes an excellent counsel, friends, teacher, and sources of strength for those around her. Her association to the element of water makes her the perfect mirror. She has the unique ability to reflect a perceptive wisdom back to others. In Tarot readings, she is often a messenger. She is creative, artistic, and imaginative.

The negative side to the Pisces Moon is a tendency to rely too much on the emotions and fail to utilize the analytical thinking process. The Pisces Moon can also be quite judgmental or intolerant. She can also be obsessive and fanatical.  In order for her to stay in balance she must not take on life to seriously. She needs to constantly work on both the acceptance of self and of others.

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