The King of Wands Tarot Card

The tarot card meanings the King of Wands  can often refer to someone that is wise, open, positive and adventurous. The King of Wands Tarot card can represent a male person in your life who has light colored hair who is full of energy and prefers to be int he center of all the action. Like all Wands, this tarot card represents a lot of energy that's that should be used in a positive way.

This is a positive card even when it doesn't literally represent someone in your real life. It can also refer to supportive men who have you best interest in mind. However, you may not necessarily be unaware of them. On another level, it can represent your more ambitious and goal oriented sides of your nature. Furthermore, this card often suggest that you will have the ability to accomplish your current endeavors.

Whenever you get this card in specific areas of your life, there are some things that you should know. For instance, when it comes to work you may be bound to find a light haired male who will serve as a mentor you. However, when it comes to love, it can  represents someone you care about who is quite protective.. In the area of your finances it means that you're going to find a talent that you didn't know you had that will bring more money your way. As for health, it is representative of rich, vitality as long as you don't push yourself too hard and remember to rest along the way. Finally, in the area of spirituality it is representative of your journey towards spiritual exploration but it will also serve to remind you not to get carried away.

This card reminds us not to push too much. However, it's always a good omen. Overall, you should feel good whenever this card comes your way, regardless of which area of your life you are receiving a reading for. Now you have a better understanding of Tarot card meanings of the King of Wands.


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