The Journey of the Tarot

What Can The Tarot Really Do For You?

Tarot is a designation for a set of 78 cards in most cases. The deck of cards is made up of four suits that have 14 cards each, with an extra 22 symbolic picture cards. These 22 cards are numbered from 0 to 21, and they are called the Major Arcana, or trumps. The designs of the trumps are very interesting, and features such images as The Last Judgment, The Pope, and The Devil. Based on prototypical patterns, these cards are related to the psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung's theories of the collective unconscious. For this reason, tarot card readings are considered to be a means of accessing the universe of the subconscious. For anyone who is interested in doing readings themselves, it would be helpful to have an understanding of tarot reading basics.

A tarot reading is similar in nature to psychotherapy, in that the individual who receives it can use what he or she learn through the readings to break habits that are harmful. There are many people who seek out the assistance of tarot readers and psychics when they are unstable and are in need of counseling or professional help. This is why it is crucial that a tarot card reader be perceptive enough to know when a person needs more help than what he or she can provide. The reader should gently guide the individual to seek the help of an appropriate professional.

Someone who is receiving a reading should focus his or her thoughts and intent on a problematic issue in his or her life. Most tarot card readers receive a bit of a mental signal when it is time to lay the cards down. This may come in the form of a strong emotional feeling or a sensations in the fingers or palms that the cards should be laid out in a specific formation.

A tarot card reader can use one or more of various different types of layouts. The decision on which one(s) to use depends greatly on the preferences and capabilities of the reader, or on the needs that are dictated by the reading itself. A common spread that is used is the Celtic Cross. This features a beginning card that corresponds to the situation that has prompted the consultation. Next, the cards are laid out in a winding pattern, revealing elements that influence one's past and obstacles and so on, to determine an outcome for the individual.

There is much disagreement regarding how cartomancy, or divination through tarot card readings, works to predict the future. There are some individuals who describe it as process that has the power to awaken psychic abilities in the reader. Others describe it as the cards attuning to an external power which either the cards guide or the cards are guiding by. Then, there are the people who claim that it is not real,and that cartomancy only works by tricking gullible individuals. In any event, tarot readings do not merely pick random cards from the tarot deck.

During each moment of our lives, we are given choices that define and spell out our fates. It is not only what you deny to enter into your life that matters, but what you allow to come into it. If this happens to be just a deck of tarot cards, then so be it.


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