The Hanged Man in a Tarot Reading

The Hanged Man in a Tarot Reading
In Tarot readings, The Hanged Man is not just a card of sacrifice

Upon looking at the Hanged Man tarot card, one wonders: Did he do this to himself? Is he okay? How did he end up like this? If you are interested in tarot card meanings, the Hanged Man provides a strong universal message that suggests the decision to surrender your life is at your discretion. Some believe that this tarot meaning suggests surrender is the fastest path to eternal victory.

The Hanged Man tarot card depicts an upside-down man who is tied to the branch of a tree by his right ankle. His bent left leg stretches behind his tied-up leg. His wide torso spans its trunk’s length. He has his hands behind his waist. The man is awake, staring out at the people giving and receiving the tarot reading. Around his head is a halo, like the ones seen in ancient paintings of saints. There is a halo around his head. Though it sits on top of his long blond locks, it is partially covered.

There seems to be no way the Hanged Man can achieve victory because he has submitted himself to this derogatory position. However, the halo suggests that he may be about to achieve victory. He made this decision for himself: He was not forced into it, nor attacked. Nothing in the situation seems disordered: His hair is level, hanging down by the natural pull of gravity. The Hanged Man hides his hands to hide his own manipulation of himself. He seems comfortably helpless because he keeps his free leg bent.

Upon viewing certain cards in a tarot deck during a tarot reading, one may wonder whether they illustrate them or someone they know. It is important for those receiving a tarot reading to be honest about whom they are, what are their tendencies, and behaviors when discussing individual cards. If you receive the Hanged Man tarot card during a reading, you are being told to change your life course. However, the Hanged Man reminds us to let an unresolved situation solve itself naturally and simply surrender to this process.

If you have reason to believe that the Hanged Man tarot card represents someone you know, they may possibly be trying to manipulate you and the tarot reading is a warning to the person’s overall battle strategy against you. However, you may not realize right away that the person being represented by this tarot card is not working in your best interest. The Hanged Man can appear to be harmless. However, this card can refer to the fact that that there may be someone in your life who is wearing a mask to cover up the reality of a situation involving you.

Most tarot spreads refer to the past, present and future. When the Hanged Man appears in a past position it may indicate that you owe your present position to sacrifices you were willing to make in the past. This may include your resistance to things that were pleasurable or rewarding to you. You have achieved the position you are in now because you decided to leave certain things behind or let nature play its course.

When the Hanged Man tarot card is in the present positions its tarot meaning can suggests that the pressure is on for you to avoid conflict. Even if someone wants to pick a fight with you, the best thing to do is to avoid getting into such a situation because it will only cause more conflict and potential complications. You will be in the stronger position if you avoid confrontation that could lead to negative interactions and altercations.

When the Hanged Man is in the future position during a tarot reading, he warns of an upcoming battle and recommends that you put on a passive face to mislead the aggressor. It may also encourage you to back down and allow the Universe to battle things out for you. In other words, trust that things will work out in your best interest by taking the higher road.

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