The Essentials of Tarot Card Readings

Important Facts to Learn about Tarot Card Readings

Tarot reading is rapidly gaining popularity among the different age groups who are attracted to the idea that through proper tarot card reading & interpretations, the most complex questions can be answered. A good tarot reader who knows how to appropriately unravel the messages inside the tarot can give there clients that proper guidance that they need in the different aspects of their lives. This is why people are into tarot readings – to be guided on life, love, relationships and career.

Tarot readings take time and finding a good tarot reader can be a challenging. There are various websites that offer tarot reading services but it seems that the most popular readers tend to be a bit pricey. Fortunately, anyone can learn how to read tarot cards given the right instruction and insights. Below are simple guidelines on how to read tarot cards.

1. Interpreting the cards is the most basic skill that a tarot reader should master. Although there are many tarot meaning interpretations and tarot spreads that can be found in books and or on the internet, it is important to understand that your own personal interpretations of the cards play a huge role in becoming a successful tarot reader. It's also important to work with spreads that makes sense to you.

A novice tarot reader should learn how to become “one” with the card. This involves an ample amount of time reading and feeling the card until a “bond” is established between the card and the card reader. This is ideally done in a tranquil place where there are no distractions.

2. Establishing a bond with the card involves the following procedures:

a) Before you begin, make sure you have a pen and paper at hand.

b) Look for a place in your house that offers privacy and silence. Any place where you will be left undisturbed for an extended period of time would do. It would help a lot if you prep the place by putting on some gentle music , lighting a scented candle and putting the curtains down. If you cannot find such a place in your house, you can do the bonding with the card in a beach or in a garden.

c) Once you are ready, relax yourself. Close your eyes, empty your mind and then shuffle the card. Take note of the thoughts that come into your mind as shuffle the card and then record each thought.

d) Once you are done shuffling the cards, take one out of the deck and slowly place the card in front of you in an upright position.

e) Look at the card and examine your feelings. Answer questions such as “what does the card make you feel?” and “how can you relate yourself with the card?”. Simply put, determine the meaning of the card in relation to your own experiences. Continue to do this until you have read all the cards.

The most important thing to remember when doing tarot card reading is to remain neutral and remain calm, relaxed and free of any distractions during the reading. Once you can accomplish these things, performing tarot card readings will feel as natural as breathing.


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