The Devil and Capricorn

The Devil and Capricorn
The Devil Tarot Card and the Sign of Capricorn

In Tarot astrology, the Devil Tarot card is associated to the astrological sign of Capricorn. The Devil, so dubious in character, never truly represents the Devil himself nor does he represent evil or dark forces. On the contrary, the Devil Tarot Card represents a part of our own selves.

The Devil Tarot card can represent our mischievous humor, our primitive drives, or our unyielding attachments. Like the Capricorn, he is ambitious and motivated. He can be driven by materialism, and at the same time, be extremely practical. In Tarot reading, the Devil Capricorn is a determined character and when he sets a goal on something you can expect that he will reach it.

In traditional Tarot reading, the Devil Tarot card often represents the need to delve into the darker sides of our natures. In this regard, one must become fully conscious of themselves. One must become willing to examine their motivations and behaviors. At the same time, one must also come to accept one’s self. This includes an acceptance of one’s character defects and vulnerabilities. Ultimately, the Devil teaches us to grasp humanity in its entirety; the good, the bad, the cruel and the kind.

The Devil Capricorn teaches us a very valuable lesson in Tarot reading. He reminds us that we all have yearnings that may seem self-motivated or unproductive. He teaches us how to forgive ourselves and, at the same time, not be enslaved by our own instincts. The Devil Capricorn holds the key to our psyches. He invites us in and shows us who we really are.

Like the sign of Capricorn, there is a forgiving quality that comes with the Devil Tarot Card. The Devil Capricorn is ethical and fair. He intuitively understands people and can be quite sympathetic. He is quite adaptable and can fit in most situations. The Devil Capricorn is social by nature and usually has many friends. He enjoys life, particularly in the simple pleasures of things.

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