The Court Cards of Tarot Reading

Understanding the Court Cards in a Tarot Reading

Tarot court cards-(these refer to to the queen, king, knight, and page)can sometimes be difficult for beginners to decipher. Their meanings can be somewhat mysterious, and the positions they fall in may not seem logical.

There are different ways to interpret tarot court cards, but there are some that are much more common.

Tarot Court Cards Can Symbolize A Part Of You

The court cards often represent a different sort of personality. The queen of staffs for example is loving, friendly, and kind. The king of staffs is gentle and prefers to hide from attention. The king of cups is very logical, preferring to make decisions based on reasoning, not emotions. If tarot court cards show up in your reading, it may mean the personality traits are something you need to watch out for. This can sometimes be a central focus of the reading. Other times, it may only be a minor detail in the bigger picture.

Tarot Court Cards Might Be Someone Else

In figuring out the tarot card meanings of the court cards, you need to think of who they might symbolize in your life. Oftentimes they can be a guiding figure such as a parent or boss. Or they may even be a friend, acquaintance, or spouse. Sometimes you can identify them because they are directly involved with the subject of the reading. Other times they may be there because they represent resistance. If you have a boyfriend your father does not approve of, the king of swords may be in the obstacle spot indicating his challenge.

Tarot Court Cards Can Show Characteristics You Should Have

Court cards in a tarot reading will usually represent a person. These people may be mild-mannered, friendly, inquisitive, impulsive, aggressive, etc. If a court card comes up, and does not seem to match anybody you are familiar with, the actual message might be the character traits. If you Queen of staffs happens to fall under goals, it might mean that you need to change your attitude and outlook on life. It might better suit you to be become more compassionate and show kindness to others. Or if she falls under health, it could show how this approach to your attitude may be better for you, as you will have less stress. It may also apply to a more specific area of your life. Seeing the Queen of swords in the right position might mean you should take a more aggressive approach at your job.

Tarot court cards can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The meanings of the cards can be quite different, depending on where they fall, what they are supposed to represent, and the goals you are trying to achieve. If you are unsure about a specific card, it can help to do another reading regarding it. Ask specific questions, and you will usually get a more clear picture. If you cannot seem to figure out the meaning, it is always best to rely on one's intuition.


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