The Ace of Swords: Intensity, Conflict and Truth

Tarot Readings and the Ace of Swords: Cutting to Your Truth

When the Ace of Swords appears in a tarot reading, you can expect some intense energy to enter your life. Your own ideas, philosophies and relationships with other people have the capacity to be affected. Your own mental activity will increase. You may be forced to get into action. Expect some movement as the Ace of Swords tarot card rarely indicates a period of calm or relaxation.

Although the Ace of Swords often indicates that new issues, challenges or conflicts may arise in your present situation, you can expect that your own personal truths and beliefs will find their way out into the open. You may be forced to set new boundaries, speak your truth and fight for what you believe in. No matter what the situation, you will “cut” through to the truth.  In essence, you will be able to free yourself from limiting or constricting situation.

In a tarot reading, the Ace of Swords will once again call you to find your inner strength. You must remain true to your own beliefs, particularly when you may be experiencing some form of conflicting. This is not the time to people please or fall victim to another person’s point of view. You have all the power you need. Your own determination can aid you. Rely on it and use your logical mind to face your battles.

On a positive note, the Ace of Swords has many positive tarot card meanings.  You may find yourself undertaking a new intellectual opportunity. You can feel a new source of inner power and energy. This is the time to use it to your advantage.  New projects or ventures will prove to be successful. Getting into action and following your instincts will serve you well. Most importantly, listen to your own value system. Your inner truth will always be your best guide.

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