Tarot and Your Career Personality Type

Tarot and Your Career Personality Type
The Tarot Can Help You Discover Your Career Personality Type

For many Tarot enthusiasts, consulting the Tarot for guidance through life is a common practice. For those who have issues with their current career path, the Tarot can provide a lot of insight. These can include such issues as taking appropriate business actions, how to resolve a work related conflict, or how to advance within an existing or new career. Moreover, the Tarot can even help you discover what type of career personality you are predisposed to. In this regard, you can learn about your greatest assets and potential vulnerabilities.

For the purpose of discovering your career personality type, it is always best to work with the Major Arcana. Each card within the Major Arcana signifies an individual's tendency towards certain work related personality traits as well as their potential strengths and weaknesses on the job. You can conduct a tarot reading to determine your career personality using a simple three card tarot spread. However, in this case, you are not seeking answers to a particular question. Rather you are drawing the cards to reflect what type of career type you possess.

To determine your career personality type, you must draw three cards from the Major Arcana. These three cards represent your three primary personality traits including your areas of strength as well as your possible weaknesses. To begin, shuffle the Major Arcana and pull three cards and lay them on the table before you. It does not matter if they are forward or reversed. The goal of this exercise is to read the cards in both the forward and reversed positions. The forward positions reference your strengths and the reversed positions reference your weakness.

Keep in mind that it’s really up to you to determine what each card may be reflecting to you. However, below I have included a quick reference guide for the Major Arcana Career Personality Types.

The Fool Tarot Card:  The entrepreneur, innovative, creative, thinks outside of the box
   Potential Weaknesses: Risk taker, inconsistent, careless, non-committal

The Magician Tarot Card:  The Salesman, Marketing, Enigmatic, Can make things happen
   Potential Weaknesses: Manipulative, Dishonest, Self-Interested, Can pull a fast one

The High Priestess Tarot Card:  Guiding, Knowledgeable, Perceptive, Sees things as they really are
   Potential Weaknesses: Unattached, Will keep information to herself for self-interest, Cold

The Empress Tarot Card:  Team Builder, Supportive, Creative, Accepting
   Potential Weaknesses: Selfish, Uncaring of others on team, Lacks team effort

The Emperor Tarot Card:  Team Leader, CEO, President, Management, Organization 
   Potential Weaknesses: Power Hungry, Insensitive, Controlling

The Hierophant Tarot CardCounsel, Teacher, Brought in to fix problems, Resolves conflict
   Potential Weaknesses: Long-winded, Slow, Patronizing

The Lovers Tarot Card:  Co-creative, Team player, Analyzes future trends, Mediator,
   Potential Weaknesses: Not an individual thinker, Approval seeking, Dependent on others

The Chariot Tarot Card:  Motivational, Action oriented, Will initiate new enterprises
   Potential Weaknesses: Impatient, Easily frustrated, Resentful

The Strength Tarot Card:  Diplomatic, Negotiator, Peace keeper, Management
   Potential Weaknesses: Power hungry, Controlling, Overly reactive

The Hermit Tarot Card Detail oriented, Can work well alone, Diligent, Dependable
   Potential Weaknesses: Limited, Lacks communication skills, Can be difficult to work with

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card:  Aims big, High roller, Entrepreneurial, Trailblazer
   Potential Weaknesses: Gambler, Materialistic, Compulsive

The Justice Tarot Card:   Structured, Rational, Observant, Systematic
   Potential Weaknesses: Unimaginative, Narrow-minded, Opinionated

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Uncomplaining, Enduring, Will sacrifice for the good of all
   Potential Weaknesses: Narrow minded, Can’t see things from different perspectives

The Death Tarot Card  Money management, Cost cuts, Catalyst for change, Unconventional
   Potential Weaknesses: Aggressive, Impersonal, Cold blooded

The Temperance Tarot Card:   Checks & Balances, Organizer, Strategic Planning
   Potential Weaknesses: Rigid, Obsessive compulsive

The Devil Tarot Card:  Team spirit, Humorous, Go-getter, Original
   Potential Weaknesses: Obnoxious, Disrespectful, Manipulative

The Tower Tarot Card Creative thinker, Futurist, Theorist, Transformative
   Potential Weaknesses: Pessimistic, Not practical, Fearful

The Star Tarot CardSpokesperson, Front man, Media and public relations
   Potential Weaknesses: Smooth talker, Inconsistent, All talk no action

The Moon Tarot Card:  Responsive, Sensitive, Overseer, Deals with people
   Potential Weaknesses: Moody, Emotional, Indecisive 

The Sun Tarot Card Manager, Encouraging, Committed, Enthusiastic
   Potential Weaknesses: Demanding, High expectations, Self-righteous

The Judgment Tarot Card:  Ability to see patterns and trends, Accountable, planner
   Potential Weaknesses: Theoretical, Can’t implement concepts, Too conceptual

The World Tarot Card:  Experienced, Qualified, Knowledgeable, Authority figure
   Potential Weaknesses: One-dimensional, Traditional, Stuck in past

© 2010 Tarotreadingpsychic.com. All Rights Reserved. Images of individual tarot cards are from the Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter and are used with his permission. They are for example purposes only.


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