Tarot Symbolism: Stars

Tarot Symbolism: Stars
The Symbolism of Stars in Tarot Reading

One of the most powerful and beautiful symbols depicted within the Tarot is that of the star. For centuries, the symbol of the star has been used to reference  divinity, Intuition, the feminine, hope and guidance. In tarot reading, symbols of the star indicate a need to connect to one’s faith for inspiration and rejuvenation. Stars offer the unique ability to guide us through the night. They can also  refer to one’s need to discover their own inner light.  Stars exists above us as well as within us. They encourage us to reach beyond our own egos and trust in something much greater than ourselves.

One of the most popular associations to the Star is its reference to our aspirations, dreams and hopes. They represent our ambitions and desires. One of their symbolic functions is to remind us that although things may appear to be out of our grasp, through diligence and faith we can go beyond our limitations. In Tarot reading, stars offer the promise of something better. 

Another significant symbolic feature of the Star is it's representation as a pentacle. In Tarot reading, the pentacle is associated with its own suit in the Minor Arcana. This suit is referred to as the Suit of Pentacles. In this regard,  pentacles represent the element of earth. Pentacles symbolize everything that occurs within the physical plane: finances, wealth, possessions and health.  The Pentacle also refers to manifestation and can symbolize the fruition of one’s ideas or intentions.

Finally, the symbolic function of the Star plays a direct role within the Major Arcana: The Star Tarot Card. In Tarot reading, the Star Tarot card is associated to rebirth and hope. In this case, the Star Tarot card reminds you to connect with the Divine to find harmony, peace, and balance. The Star Tarot card is always an invitation to align one’s self with one’s inner truth and wisdom. It's also  a symbol of a divine intervention. Through this connection, one can find  renewed hope and faith.

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