Tarot Symbolism: The Moon

Tarot Symbolism: The Moon
Symbolism of the Moon in Tarot Reading

Since the beginning of time, the Moon has represented the great mystery of our existence. Largely associated to the feminine, the Moon is the great Goddess reflecting her gentle and subtle light upon us. She is the ultimate mirror, tenderly reflecting our consciousness back to us. She is the feminine night and represents the shadowed aspects to our very natures. In Tarot reading, she is our great mother, our inner child, and the power of our unconscious.

The Moon’s realm is that of night and her light is not really her own. Rather it is borrowed from the great god of the Sun. Therefore, its energy is softer, less direct, and appears within the darkness of the night. It is a dim illumination that lights the path to self. The Moon is sensitive to all emotion. She always encourages one to go deeper, to find their source and find their truth. Her receptivity makes her the perfect nurturer. Although her light can be penetrating, it can also be healing. In a Tarot reading, she is associated to the crab and crayfish. They are hard on the outside, but remain soft and vulnerable within their protective shell.

When the Moon Tarot Card appears in a Tarot reading, there is often an association to deception, confusion and inner conflict. The Moon Tarot card represents the elements of isolation and subjection. Similar to the path of the Hermit, the Moon requires us to rely on inner light. This is the light of our own intuition. The Moon asks us to be courageous as her path is dimly lit. We are forced to face our inner fears and conflicting feelings. Yet, if we embark on the Moon’s journey, her path can lead us to a higher consciousness.

When you apply the Moon to our journeys towards enlightenment, she represents a major turning point. She is our personal spiritual evolution. If we hesitate on our path and become lost in the Moon’s beauty, we remain stuck and are unable to grow. In a Tarot reading, the Moon refers to our own self-deceptions. We must learn to identify what is an illusion and what is truth. If we force ourselves forward, however, we can come to recognize the Moon’s wisdom and message. We are the source of our own inner knowledge. We must have faith in our own intuition.

Tarot Card Meanings of the Moon

  • Mysticism and magic
  • Our emotions
  • The feminine
  • Time and cycles
  • The unconscious
  • Deception
  • Inner conflict
  • Intuition and psychic ability
  • Inner truth and self-awareness
  • Higher consciousness
  • Receptivity and sensitivity

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