Tarot Symbolism: The Lantern

Tarot Symbolism: The Lantern
Understanding the Tarot Symbolism of the Lantern

The Tarot symbolism represented by the lantern is one of power of intuition, truth and courage. When the image of a lantern reveals itself in a Tarot reading, it usually pertains to hope, healing and the quest for new found enlightenment through spiritual wisdom. The lantern serves to remind us that every dark path has a light. This light is from our inner selves, constantly revealing our own truths and, when adhered to, it always sets us on the right path or course of action.

When the symbol of the lantern represents an individual, we find a person of courage who chooses to live their lives with integrity by upholding their own values. This is an individual who can remain true to themselves regardless of darker impulses or instinctive motivations. They will not bow to or be fooled by outside pressure. In Tarot, the bearer of the lantern will always follow their own path not matter the consequences.

The Tarot symbolism of the lantern can also refer to new found awareness. The lantern often carries the message of revelation, insight or higher knowledge. In this sense, the dispersion of the lantern’s light can be seen as a force that illuminates the mind. This light represents conscious expansion and spiritual growth.

The one card most often associated with the lantern is the Hermit Tarot card. The Hermit often represents the bearer of spiritual wisdom. He can be both a messenger and a receiver of spiritual truths. In Tarot reading, the Hermit represents one’s search for knowledge. While the lantern he holds high bears light, he is still often depicted as being surrounded by cold and darkness. This signifies that he must also learn to be guided by his own truth and intuition. The light from the Hermit’s lantern refers to the spirit within us all. He is the Wise Man archetype, a spiritual teacher who constantly reminds us that many of the answers we are seeking can often be found within our ourselves.

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