Tarot Symbolism: The Crown

Tarot Symbolism: The Crown
Understanding the Tarot Symbolism of the Crown in Tarot Readings

There are very few tarot decks that fail to depict the symbol of the crown. In tarot reading, crowns can be symbolic of  royalty, deities, and divine inspiration. Their presence serves as a reminder of the authority and power of those whom wear them. Crowns can also refer to acts of courage and can represent victory or triumph. They often appear in a tarot reading when there is a need to value one’s own connection to the divine.

The symbol of the crown also has roots in Christianity and, in many tarot decks, there is reference to such an association. In these cases, the crown has sacred or holy implications. Its circular shape is a symbol of perfection. It is also a symbol of divine connection and eternal life. Its Christian heritage lends the idea of the transcendence of one’s soul. That through a divine connection, there is a heavenly realm where all things are perfect. Its circular shape also refers to a ring, one that is worn on the head and represents a union between the world of the divine and the world of man.

The concept of perfection also pertains to one’s inner self. In some cases the symbol of the crown refers to one own sense of self-acceptance and self-worth. Although there is no perfect human being, the idea is to accept that perfection is nothing more than recognizing one’s value regardless of one's flaws. The wearer of the crown is a symbol of self-confidence, control and self-expression. 

The crown is a symbol of individuality and one’s ability to be in control of their own life. This includes their feelings, behaviors, ideas and thoughts. The freedom to express one’s individuality is divinely inspired. The possession of the crown ensures that one has the absolute right to rule his own life. The crown is a reminder to utilize one’s own sense of authority as any great ruler would; with justice, tolerance and compassion.

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