Tarot Symbolism of the Strength Card

Tarot Symbolism of the Strength Card
Understanding the Tarot Symbolism of the Strength Tarot Card in Tarot Readings

The Strength tarot card is one of the most powerful tarot cards in the tarot deck. It refers to one’s ability to find courage and resilience under the most difficult circumstances. It can often reflect the true fortitude of one’s inner being. In tarot readings, the strength card is a sign that one’s raw instincts must be mastered through sensitivity and gentleness. It’s important to note, however, that the power of one’s raw instincts should not be ignored nor detested. They are a part of us that must be understood in order to fully grasp the human condition and to achieve inner balance.

In traditional tarot symbolism, a lion’s mouth is gently grasped by a maiden. Although interpretations can vary, most believe she is closing the lion’s mouth. The Strength tarot card refers to balance, discipline and self-control. The lion represents our primordial drives and the young maiden represents the “higher” mind or one’s conscience that can tame it.

In tarot readings, the Strength card encourages self-awareness, particularly in reference to one’s primal motivations, emotions and impulses. In this regard, the higher mind serves to temper them and redirect its energy in a positive way. The Strength tarot card thus represents the balance between the intuitive feminine and rational masculine parts of our selves. Inner strength comes from the harmony and equilibrium of these two aspects of the self. 

Tarot Symbolism of the Lion

In tarot symbolism, the Lion can be a symbol of our animal natures. The Lion represents the life force and inner energy which propels us forward. It is the life instinct or primal “id” and often can be interpreted as one’s raw passion or motivating forces.

The Lion can also be a symbol of courage and bravery. The lion is the epitome of raw power and he uses this energy as a means to face obstacles, struggles and/or confrontations. In many ways the lion is our ally as we rely on his courage to follow the path of our own heart.

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