Tarot Symbolism of the Seasons and Four Directions

In Tarot Reading, Each Suit Is Associated to A Season and Compass Direction

When it comes to tarot symbolism, each season of the year yields a particular meaning. The seasons also have a correlation to each suit in the Tarot. This not only helps determine specific guidelines in matters that concern time, but it also relates to the underlying meanings of each suit.

Suit of Cups: Season is Summer

Summer is considered the season of harvesting and maturity. In terms of Tarot symbolism, summer often relates to the fruition of ones goals, projects or aspirations. Overall, it is a time of celebration and completion. Summer is also a tarot symbol for wisdom, knowledge and hope.

Suit of Pentacles: Season is Winter

Winter is considered to be the season of hibernation and is often associated to death. Of course, death in this case should not be taken literally. Rather, it should be seen as a period of inner growth and transformation. This is a period where new ideas are beginning to be formed and subtle changes in perception and awareness begin to evolve.

Suit of Wands: Season is Spring

In tarot symbolism, spring represents rebirth and new life. Often associated to new beginnings, spring can represent new opportunities or undertaking. It is associated to children, pregnancy and fertility. It can also represent the blossoming of a new idea or concept.

Suit of Swords: Season is Fall

Fall is the season associated to abundance, prosperity and the harvesting of all of one’s efforts. However, it can also refer to closure or the ending of one’s productive energies. It is a period of winding down in preparation for winter’s period of inner transformation.

In tarot reading the suits also have an associated to a particular direction. This can be quite useful when determining the significant learning lessons someone is currently undergoing in their life. Directions tend to reflect overall areas or cycles that are influencing a person’s life.

The Suit of Cups: North

North represents night, intuition, mystery and inner wisdom.
The Suit of Pentacles: South

South represents energy, action, passion, playfulness and spontaneity.

The Suit of Wands: East

East represents new beginnings, creativity, and innocence.

The Suit of Swords: West

West represents the completion of life cycles, maturity, letting go and inner wisdom.

When it comes to tarot reading, in general, the tarot symbolism should be used as a guide. It's really your own intuition that determines the meaning of each tarot card. Your intuition will always serve you in the end. It's important to remember that the tarot cards are merely a tool for helping you connect to your own intuitive knowledge.

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