Tarot Symbolism of the Forest

Tarot Symbolism of the Forest
Understanding the Tarot Symbolism of the Forest in a Tarot Reading

In tarot reading, the forest symbolizes the unknown. It appears when one must journey into a period of uncertainty. Forests can represent any situation where you must find the courage to walk into the unknown. This can refer to relationships, career opportunities, or any circumstance that requires you to become willing to accept that you can not have any expectations on outcomes.

Forests can also represent emotions. In many cases, its appearance suggests that you may need to delve into the emotional aspects of your own life. If sadness or grief has been plaguing you, the forest is an invitation to begin the healing process. Healing can only occur when one gets willing to confront the wounds of the past and come to terms with one’s most personal issues. This is often a difficult process as it is not somewhere we would ordinarily want to explore on our own.

Forests are dark and daunting. What lies within them remains unseen until one enters into them. From a psychological perspective, the forest is a symbol of the unconscious and often references one’s internal world. We are responsible for bringing light into the depths of our subconscious. This is accomplished through self-awareness. Part of the process of self-development includes understanding our own unconscious motivations and belief systems. It is on this level that we can make the most profound changes in our life.

Forests are also considered to represent the feminine. This is clearly depicted in the Empress tarot card. Not only are forests abundant in vegetation and foliage, the soil is rich and dense. Consequently, forests can be associated to mother earth. The feminine is also associated to the unconscious and can represent the female part of the psyche.

Finally, forests can symbolize a place of magic and adventure. At times they can be perceived as dangerous and at other times that can be the source for new opportunities. They can be healing or they can be perilous. In either case, they always produce personal transformations.

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