Tarot Symbolism of Nudity

Tarot Symbolism of Nudity

Understanding the Tarot Symbolism of Nudity in a Tarot Reading

In tarot reading, nudity often represents the inner self. In this regard it is the divine self, or authentic self. Depicting imagery of nudity symbolizes a state of freedom, vulnerability or spontaneity. In some cases, nudity can represent the nature of a person or it can indicate the nature of a relationship, particularly if there are more than two people depicted in a tarot spread or in a particular tarot card such as the Lovers. In the more traditional tarot decks, nudity is represented in the Devil card, the Sun card, the Lovers card, the Star card, the Judgment card and The World card.

Nudity has been depicted in art for centuries. Nudity has been used to depict human emotions and can represent a number of different themes including beauty, fragility, shame, fertility and power. Nudity can express inner longing or the desire to connect to someone else. It may also signify moving beyond conformity and often represents the expression of one’s true identity. Nudity can express inner shame or the embarrassment of one’s sexuality. On the other hand, it can also represent a person’s inner power or authority over others.

 In tarot reading, there are very few cards that depict nudity to serve as a representation of anything negative or harmful. The one exception is the Devil tarot card. However, the Devil tarot card is often misunderstood and its interpretation should never be taken literally. The Devil tarot card represents an inner bondage (usually of one’s own making). These usually are addictions, emotional dependencies, fears or unconscious impulses. The male and female nude figures represent feelings of shame, self-deception, self-indulgence, false power, sexual exploitation or dominion over others.

If you ever had a dream of being naked in front of others, you are certainly not alone. In dream symbolism, naked dreams often represent feelings of exposure or vulnerability.  Dreams in the particular group can either represent feelings of guilt over something shameful one has participated in or they can represent overcritical feelings about one's self. There may be an unconscious fear of failing, being ridiculed by peers, or not living up to social standards.

When it comes to tarot reading, nudity usually refers to the expression or sense of wholeness within the psyche or inner self. However, it’s important to really use your own intuition when interpreting cards that depict nude imagery. It can really help you learn a great deal about the person you may be reading for and, of course, can help you learn more about yourself.  When the cards appear in a reversed position there is always room for exploration as there is typically some underlying issue of the self-identity that needs to be addressed.

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