Tarot Symbolism Of The Eagle

Understanding the Tarot Symbolism of the Eagles

In Tarot reading, the Eagle is a symbol of strength, authority and power. Often linked with the lion, bull and serpent, the eagle can represent spiritual triumph or victory. The eagle is the king of all birds and appears in many Tarot decks such as the Morgan Greer and Rider White. The Eagles is most often associated with the Emperor and Empress Tarot cards. As a symbol of mastery and power, the eagle’s appearance in these cards clearly depicts their positions of authority. Both the Emperor and Empress represent the mother/father archetypes.  The Eagles symbolic association to them represents their superior position not only within the Tarot deck itself but also within society and the family.

In Greek mythology, the Eagle was a messenger for the god Zeus. He was believed to carry important messages and was seen as a good omen. In Roman times, the Eagle was a symbol of sovereignty and dominance. The eagle’s physical features and its status as a keen hunter associate it to warrior symbolism and Warrior Gods such as Odin and the Roman Sun God. In the Native American culture, the feathers of an Eagle are believed to represent the rays of the Sun. The Aztecs associated the eagle with the rising sun, a destroyer of the “serpent of darkness.”

Another important symbolic element to the Eagles is its ability to cross the between the realm of spirit and the realm of man.  Eagles have the unique ability to enter the spirit world and carry back important spiritual truths. Eagles are also commonly associated to the Divine. In some religions, the Eagle represents nearness to God, God consciousness and ascension. Eagles have mystical powers and are often believed to carry divine messages from a higher consciousness.  Eagles can represent both physical and spiritual protection. It’s not uncommon to find it’s emblem in heraldry and coats of arms. 

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