Tarot Symbolism of the Crab or Crayfish

Understanding the Tarot Symbolism of the Crab or Crayfish

When it comes to tarot symbolism, the image of the crab has several important implications. Associated to the moon and the astrological sign of Cancer, the crab often symbolizes protection and regeneration. Because of the crab’s association to water, it often refers to one’s emotions, specifically referencing the need to see the world through one’s emotions rather than depending solely on the rational mind. In tarot reading, the crab represents the need to listen to one’s own subconscious mind. In this regard, more emphasis needs to be placed on intuition.

This is particularly true when the Moon tarot card appears in a tarot reading. However, the subconscious mind can, at times, be difficult to interpret. This is why the general meaning of the Moon card can sometimes indicate confusions or lack of clarity. Whenever it appears in a tarot reading, there is a need for reflection. The ultimate goal is to experience some type of new awareness or deeper understanding of yourself, your situation, or your relationships.

Crabs are also unique as they have the capacity to not only move forward, but can also move sideways. This particular skill also has symbolic implications. Whenever the image of a crab appears in a tarot reading, it reminds you to become adaptable. You may have to change your perception or area of focus. Be prepared for unexpected changes or variations in your current circumstances. 

Of course, the shell of the crab also has symbolic implications and often refers to protection or security. In tarot symbolism, the crab can appear within the Chariot tarot card, most commonly on his belt or suit of armor. In this regard, the crab references a divine protection that ensures triumph or victory, particularly when it comes to a particular challenge or undertaking.

However, the protective shell of the crab can have some negative connotations such as being overly defensive or reflects the inability to allow one’s emotions to be expressed freely. It can also indicate the need to balance or harness one's emotions.

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