The Tarot Symbolism Of Clouds

Understanding The Symbolism Of Clouds In Tarot Reading

Amongst Tarot symbols, clouds seem to have all the four important elements of the Minor Arcana, which are water, air, fiery energy, and earth's dust.

Our moods are affected by clouds in actual life, and it is the same in Tarot cards. Clouds create dreamy and whimsical feelings, or they can also cause feelings of fear, oppression, and being threatened. Clouds can evoke a sense of mystery, or just laziness. Tarot symbolism of a card can be easily determined by looking at the clouds depicted in an image.

Most clouds symbolize the air element, which can be related to abstract thinking, intellectual ideas, and higher thoughts. This could be the reason there are numerous clouds in cards of Swords.

Rain clouds on the other hand can symbolize disaster, gloom, and doom. It also means clouds can have an obscuring effect on our vision and our optimism can be dimmed. However, the fact that there is a silver lining to every cloud is also true, as rain can cleanse things. Healing is also possible with rain, and it also guarantees health and fertility.

Similarly, storm clouds in Tarot symbolism might depict inspiration as in lightning flashes, or unavoidable realization from a thunderclap.

Clouds also depict change. Clouds naturally move fast, and they seem to constantly keep coming and going. Therefore, when you consider cloud as a tarot symbol, it could mean something transitory or having a short life.

Clouds also have an ephemeral nature. Leaving no trace behind, they could depict having no connection with past events. This is powerful Tarot symbolism for individuals, who have a strong sense of guilt connected with past events. No blame can be associated to clouds appearing in the sky.

Clouds can also depict a veiling effect. Clouds are capable of hiding objects behind them or within themselves. A reading that comes up with clouds could mean that the client is trying to veil his or her concern, or the actual question.

Clouds can also be considered as the line, separating top of the world from the world beneath. Such tarot symbols would mean that consciousness can be raised to have a glimpse of a world outside the clouds.


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