Tarot Symbolism: Bridges

Tarot Symbolism: Bridges
Tarot Reading: Tarot Symbolism and Meanings of Bridges

In tarot reading, the symbolism of the bridge is not to be taken lightly. In fact, bridges often indicate major transitions in a persons life including important spiritual transformations. The tarot symbolism of the bridge  typically represents a journey between two very distinct realms.This can refer both to spiritual principles as well as to different levels of consciousness. A common theme in tarot reading is the significance of becoming conscious of the world of heaven (the Divine) and the world of man. The symbol of the bridge refers to one’s access or ability to transcend the mundane and attain higher levels of higher consciousness. In some cases, the symbol of the bridge references the path to enlightenment or divinity.

Bridges enable us to bypass obstacles. In tarot reading, a bridge can represent a new path, one that is less tenuous or precarious. Symbolically it reminds us that if we get creative, think out of the box, or simply become more aware of our own selves, most difficulties can be overcome. Should you wish to achieve something, there is always a means to reach your goals.

The symbolism of the bridge also refers to the important transitions that occur in our lives. Tarot readings that reveal the image of the bridge often suggest modifications or transformations. Because it symbolizes traveling between two distinct places, it can refer to the critical junctures in one’s life such as marriages, changes in jobs, or a move to a new location. More importantly, bridges can refer to one’s motivations and often represents someone’s desire for change

There is, of course, the bridge's symbolic reference to the passage from life to death. In this case the bridge represents a voyage between two worlds. Bridges can represent a journey into the unknown and ask us to take a leap of faith. In tarot reading, bridges can indicate separation or the inability to go back to where one started. This is particular true in terms of one’s mortality. The bridge serves as a journey into a separate realm, one that separates the living from the dead and the conscious from the unconscious.

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