Tarot Symbolism: Armor

Tarot Symbolism: Armor
The Symbolism of Armor in Tarot Reading

Armor has been utilized in warfare for centuries. It often serves as the shield between life and death. It is a protective shell that upholds the single most important attribute the Universe has to offer; life. Armor protects all that is precious: our loved ones, our souls, and our will to live. In Tarot, armor plays an important symbolic function. It represents both fortitude and vulnerability.

In tarot readings, armor is not to be taken literally. Rather, it represents various aspects of our own beings. It can refer to courage, tenacity, fearlessness, loyalty and honor. With that being said, it can also refer to our greatest weaknesses. In this case, armor may suggest defensiveness, over-protectiveness, fear, close-mindedness and rigidity. In psychological terms, armor always refers to one’s levels of consciousness and how one relates to the world around them. Armor is both a great asset as well a hindrance. We use it during our life journeys, constantly relying on it as a shield for our everyday struggles or battles.

One important element to armor is its reference to the Warrior archetype. The warrior is the part of our own beings that finds the courage to defend our own boundaries. He is there to help us state our needs. He is with us when we confront the major challenges in our lives. More importantly, he enables us to be the hero within the context of our own lives. The warrior is dependent on his own sense of self, constantly aligning him self with his own value system and his sense of right and wrong. In Tarot readings, he is there to help us find our own voice and assert our truths. The negative element of shadow side of the warrior is when we abandon our principles in the name of victory. At this point there is an indifference or misuse of one’s power that ultimately harms those around us.

In tarot readings, armor serves two primary purposes. The first represents one’s status or feelings of self confidence within the world and the other represents one’s inner sense of self. In this regard, armor takes on a psychological framework. The symbolism or armor represents the unconscious. Within this realm, the unconscious protects the conscious self, often by heightening one’s cautionary actions and stance. For the unconscious, the world may seem dangerous, unreliable or disorganized. As a result, the unconscious puts up shields and barriers. Sometimes this is needed as it prepares one for an important challenge. However, it can also be alienating and sabotaging. In either case, tarot readings that reflect armor need to be examined from all perspectives. The best tarot readings are those that explore the areas in which we need to be warriors as well as explore the areas where we are overly defensive.

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