The Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread
Tarot Spreads – The Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread is one of the oldest and most commonly used tarot spreads in tarot reading. The layout is uncomplicated, yet powerful. It is particularly useful for general questions and outcomes. This is the spread I prefer to use for an overall tarot reading.

While at first glance the Celtic Cross spread may appear to be one of the more complicated tarot spreads to interpret, it is in reality very simple to master with just a little practice. It is also a great tarot spread for a beginning reader to learn from because of its many interrelated cards which provide a great opportunity to understand how the tarot card meanings build upon each other during the course of a reading.

First Card – This is your Covered card. This card represents your present situation.
Second Card – This is your Cross card. This card represents immediate opposing forces, either negative or positive, influencing you. Even a positive card here still represents a challenge.
Third Card – This is the Foundation card. This card represents the influences or issues of your distant past that are currently affecting you and your situation.
Fourth Card – This is what is Behind you. This card represents the recent past and how it is influencing you and your situation.
Fifth Card – This is what Crowns you. This card represents the best possible outcome or resolution for your situation.  
Sixth Card – This is what is Before you. It represents the near future or upcoming circumstances that can influence your situation.
Seventh Card – This is the card that represents the Self. It represents your feelings and attitudes about your current situation.
Eight Card – This is the card the Opinions card. This card represents your surrounding environment. It reveals how others are viewing the matter.
Ninth Card – This is the Hopes, Fears and Expectations card. It represents your hopes, aspirations and fears about your current situation.
Tenth Card – This is the Outcome card. It represents the “most likely” result or resolution of your situation.


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  1. This is a great article and really gets to the core of the simplicity of the Celtic cross spread. The only place I personally differ is that I don't see the second card as needing to be an obstacle. I have found that it could be an aiding force or even a parallel situation that is affecting or is being effected by the primary situation in the reading. Do you think this difference is an artifact lf my practice being centered in Thelema and the occult using Thoth tarot? as opposed to traditions that follow the previous traditions?

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