The Horseshoe Tarot Spread

The Horseshoe Tarot Spread
Tarot Spreads – The Horseshoe Tarot Card Spread

The Horseshoe Spread is an excellent tool for gaining a deeper understanding of a particular question or situation. It is straight forward and offers a thorough examination of a particular area of interest. The beauty of the Horseshoe Spread lies in its versatility.  It can be applied to any subject you wish to explore.  It can be a useful spread for a variety of questions, including questions about relationships, career, spirituality or finance.



First Card – This card represents the past influences that may be currently affecting your situation. It can be either the recent or distant past.
Second Card – This card represents current matters affecting your situation in the here and now.
Third Card – This card represents the hidden factors you may not be aware of that will emerge in the immediate future.
Fourth Card – This card represents the obstacles that are challenging you in the present situation.
Fifth Card – This card represents the influence of the people around you. This often refers to their attitudes and behaviors regarding your situation.
Sixth Card – This card represents potential obstacles and can suggest the best course of action that should be taken to resolve your current situation.
Seventh Card – This card suggests the final outcome of your situation. It represents the possible results of the suggested actions from the Sixth Card.


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