Doing Tarot Readings for Other People

Doing Tarot Readings for Other People
Performing tarot readings for other people doesn't have to be an intimidating experience

The beauty of reading for other people is that it not only helps you to develop your intuition and skills as a reader, it also allows you to connect with others on a both a personal and spiritual level. If you are a beginner, the more you read for others, the more you will develop your skills as a tarot reader by learning how to interpret the various tarot card meanings. If you are apprehensive about your abilities or are just generally a little shy when meeting new people, performing readings for others can also serve to work through any inhibitions and build your confidence.

If you are just beginning, you may not want to read for people who are skeptical, cynical or who may really don’t want to have the Tarot experience. Developing confidence is one of the primary elements needed to become a good tarot reader. You also want to make sure that you are not just wasting your energy. Surprisingly, it does take a certain amount of energy to read. Negative people can sometimes cause your energy to be drained. After such readings you may feel as though your energy levels are low or tapped out.

Another important variable to reading for others is the need to be sensitive as to how people may react. Some people may be very enthusiastic while others may be cautious during their tarot reading. As a tarot reader you need to be prepared for other people reactions. If someone is fearful, you need to be sensitive as to how you interpret the cards. Seeing cards like the Devil card or the Death card can be quite frightening to some people. I often find it helpful to inform people about their meanings. In some cases, I will actually walk a person through the entire reading by sharing my interpretations for each card.

In some cases, people may not react to you at all. This may leave you feeling apprehensive about your own skills as a tarot reader. When this occurs, I find that I must count on the cards themselves do their job. If I find that someone is withholding their reactions on purpose as a way to test my skill level, than I usually just let them make their own judgments about my reading abilities. I try to make sure I’m not trying to “prove” myself to them. This can really affect the reading.  It threatens my neutrality and objectivity.

Sometimes it’s possible to read for someone with you may not be a good a spiritual match. In other words, your energies just may not flow together as effectively as it may with others. This is quite alright. More often than not, however, even the most skeptical of people usually get something out of it.

When you come across a reading that wasn’t as successful as you hoped it would be, you need to let go of any judgment you may have about yourself. Not every reading is going to be a mind blowing experience. This is all part of the process of learning how to read for others. 

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