Tarot Readings and the Ten of Cups

Understanding the Power of the Ten of Cups in Tarot Readings

A youthful married couple is quietly enjoying their life together in the Ten of Cups tarot card. Their two children are joyfully dancing, and a beautiful arching rainbow seems to underscore their happy present and future. This card represents a happy home life, family unity, and the ultimate goals of all romantic partnerships.

The four members depicted in this family mirror the four basic elements as well as the four suits found in the Major Arcana. The four members both complement and complete each other. In tarot card readings, the number ten represents perfection and completion.

The two children represent the happy product of a positive partnership. The tarot reading does not depend upon whether the two children are genuine living offspring or if they simply represent the actual and positive manifestations of the happy couple. What is important is that a good marriage enhances the productivity and creativity of both the husband and the wife. 

The welcoming cottage is an illustration of the happy home. While it is not a castle, it is magnificent because it provides a comfortable alternative to the outside world. The tarot card meanings of the arching rainbow include their bright future and the promise of protection from God.

Seeing the Ten of Cups in a romance tarot reading suggests having a partner who can support your productivity. You and your partner can enjoy mutual success. Working together, you can develop projects and achieve results that will live on even after your lifetime.

The Ten of Cups card is usually referred to as the card representing perfected success. In the realm of astrology, it is linked with a degree of Pisces. This third ten degree is where Mars transforms from being aggressive to being supportive and gentle.

In tarot card readings with the Ten of Cups, the card relates to achievement, success, and harmonious relationships. There is a feeling of balance in all areas of life. You may expect all areas of your life to improve when Ten of Cups appears in your tarot spread.


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