Tarot Readings and the King Of Wands

The Tarot Card Meanings of The King Of Wands

In Tarot readings,  the King of Wands, along with energy, positivity, creativity and activity. He is happy, full of energy, a man of vision who really enjoys life and shares his wisdom with others. The King of Wands wants and expects the people around him to enjoy life as well.

The King of Wands is able to see things from another's perspective or point of view and is fair-minded and intelligent. He is capable and alert and this makes him excellent at resolving disputes in an amicable manner and giving sound advice. As a husband and father, he is dependable, considerate and affectionate.

The King of Wands excels in leadership roles. The card depicts someone who is active, daring and energetic. He is a valued worker because he is trustworthy, competent and skilled.

During a psychic reading when the King of Wands Tarot card appears, it may indicate that someone with these attributes has had great influence in your life or will in the future. You may meet an enthusiastic, impulsive, fiery person or you may develop this exuberance and optimism yourself.

When the King of Wands Tarot card appears in a reading, it depicts someone secure in his financial position and within himself. The person may sometimes be rather impulsive and may also be a generous and strong individual. The card may also indicate that unexpected financial gain is likely.

The Tarot card meaning of the King of Wands asks that you consider all aspects of an upcoming contract or agreement.

The King of Wands is also an indication that your ambitions are in focus.

When the King of Wands Tarot card appears, it may mean you will encounter a male who will be assertive and a strong support to you during difficult times. You may realize financial benefit from this meeting.


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