Tarot Reading with Children

Tarot Reading with Children
Tarot Reading with Children Requires Consideration and Understanding

Tarot Reading with children can be a difficult task. Obviously, children require a certain level of sensitivity and understanding. Bombarding them with sophisticated theories or interpretations can be confusing, intimidating and overwhelming. In general, the traditional type of Tarot reading should be left to individuals that have reached a certain level maturity and self-development. To expect to communicate with a child on the level that is beyond them is not only ineffective but can be potentially harmful.

Working with the Tarot and children, however, is quite plausible should you have the basic understanding of a child’s developmental level and are willing to use an appropriate tarot deck designed specifically for children. In fact, Tarot reading with children can be an excellent method for establishing effective communication channels and emotional processing. In the early stages of development, many children have a better capacity to learn and remember names and images than most adults, and to this end the Tarot, with its rich visual imagery, can be an excellent teaching tool. The Tarot also can certainly help a child learn how to think creatively. More importantly, Tarot reading can help children build the skills necessary for self-expression and self-esteem.

The two primary elements that are needed for Tarot readings with children are a skilled Tarot reader and an appropriate Tarot deck. When doing a Tarot reading with a child, the language of the reading needs to be in the language of the child. In other words, the Tarot reading has to be delivered in a way in which the child can understand it. Under these conditions, the Tarot reader needs to communicate with the child with concrete examples rather than abstract ones. In other words, trying to explain philosophical concepts to a child will only prove to be frustrating and fail to reach the child in a manner that they can understand. Tarot reading with children should reflect their world back to them. It’s important to remember that their frame of reference is only as old and sophisticated as they are.

There also needs to be a great deal of consideration when choosing a Tarot deck. Although many of us enjoy the rich imagery and symbolism found in traditional Tarot decks, children can have a completely different experience, particularly to Tarot decks that are more graphic in nature. It’s always helpful to choose a Tarot deck that the child can relate to.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Children Tarot by Lele Luzetti
  • Fairytale Tarot by Aleksey Kluev & Vladimir Strannikov
  • Tarot of the Animal Lords by Angelo Giannini
  • Inner Child Cards by Isha and Marker Lerner & Chistopher Guilfoil

In some cases, you may want to get a few decks that are more playful or whimsical in nature. By allowing the child to choose which deck they are drawn to will help you learn more about them.

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