Tarot Reading, The Seven of Wands and Getting Creative

In Tarot Reading, The Seven Of Wands Urges You To Think Outside The Box

In tarot reading, people often misconstrue the imagery of the Seven of Wands. Traditionally, the Seven of Wands depicts and young man standing upon a hill who is defending himself against six other wands. He stands in a defensive position with his own wand blocking other wands that are pointed directly at him. This is an active image and can represent a need to get into action or, in many cases, represents a situation or challenge that requires a protective stance. In either case, the Seven of wands calls for you to move quickly and be attentive.

The Seven of Wands tarot card has several different tarot card meanings. The most universal meaning associated to this particular card is the theme that you are in the most advantageous position. You may feel as though everything has coming to a head or that you are up against an impossible circumstance. In truth, the Seven of Wands reminds you to take a stand and fight for what you believe in.  In tarot reading, the Seven of Wands indicates that you have everything you need within you.  In the end, you will be triumphant. You have the upper hand, and through creative action, you will outsmart any competition or negative influences.

Creativity is the key word here. The suit of Wands, by nature, represents creativity and energy. The number seven often pertains to matters that refer to thinking out of the box. Sevens urge you to let go of old ideas and encourage you to trust your imagination and inventiveness. With Sevens, there can be upheavals and chaos. This is also part of the creative process.  In the end, your own creativity can help you identify new solutions. When it comes to the Seven of Wands, creativity can help you identify new strategies that will put you ahead of others, and will certainly put you in the most beneficial position.

With that being said, creativity often requires you to acknowledge and appreciate your own individualism. This is the time to think unconventionally. Although it’s important to recognize how others may think and perceive a particular situation, it’s more important to view things from a unique perspective. You may feel as though you may be out there on your own, however, in the end this will set you apart from everyone else.

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