Tarot Reading and the Hermit Tarot Card: Looking Inward

Tarot Reading and the Hermit Tarot Card: Looking Inward
Tarot Reading, The Hermit Tarot Card and Self-Awareness

Perhaps one of the most powerful cards in tarot reading is the Hermit tarot card. His appearance always reminds us that we must make the journey inward to find our truth. It is from the core of our beings that we can once again connect to the divine within us. He is the wise sage archetype and can indicate the presence of a thoughtful teacher whose influence upon us can be both transformative and healing.

More importantly, the Hermit can refer to an inner conversion or enlightening experience that can have profound results in our conscious lives. His appearance in a tarot reading usually suggests that there is a need to step back from our current challenges to contemplate and meditate upon the current issues we may be faced with. This is the time to connect with our own intuition and be guided by its light. To do this requires us to get in touch with ourselves, be in the moment, and to look deeply within.

The Hermit is a card of self-awareness. If you have been consumed with your daily life activities and have failed to listen to yourself, you may not be recognizing your own needs. Ultimately, this can put you in a very vulnerable position as you might make decisions based from your head and not from your heart. When we fail to listen to our own inner selves we can lead ourselves towards heading down the wrong path.

In tarot reading, the Hermit can also represent the need for a time of silence and a withdrawal from activities or other types of stress that may be consuming us. It may be time to seek the advice of a wise teacher.  In almost all cases, there is the need to listen. This is the time to remove yourself from the hustle of everyday activities and make some time for you. Give yourself this opportunity to trust your own process. The more you are willing to tend to your own inner self, the more you become aware of your own needs, desires and sense of purpose in the world.

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