Tarot Reading, the Ace of Swords, and Truth

Tarot Reading, the Ace of Swords, and Truth
The Ace of Swords Tarot Card: Cutting to the Truth

In tarot reading, the Ace of Swords is a card that initiates the onset of a new and powerful energy. Expect some major shifts. More importantly, whatever has been troubling you or challenging will be met with some type of important revelation. If you have been boggled down with uncertainly or indecisiveness, expect some new found clarity. However, this is not always an easy process. In tarot reading, the Ace of Swords can indicate conflict, confrontation or disagreements. No matter what the situation, you will have to take a stand for yourself and your beliefs. Be ready to express your personal truths.

The Ace of Swords tarot card is a card that often imparts the major implications of discovering the truth within you, a specific situation, or the underlying motivations behind other people’s actions and ambitions. Important information will most likely be revealed.

The Ace of Swords is also a “power card”. Whatever the circumstance, you will likely have to engage in some proactive form of problem solving. This may be a period where there is a need for inner strength. It’s important to remain loyal to your own principles and values. They may very likely be challenged by someone else. However, you are more powerful than you think. Discovering the truth requires a great deal of discipline and the willingness to break free of denial. In the end, you will overcome your obstacles be relying on your own truth.

The Ace of Swords also tells us to put our emotions aside and to instead rely more heavily on our rational and logical mind. The more you can avoid becoming over-emotional, the better. Planning and preparing your next course of action will help you come out ahead. Sometimes the Ace of Swords signifies that you need to cut yourself free from an unhealthy situation. This, of course, will come from acceptance of your own truth. In a tarot reading, the Ace of Swords can indicate that you will have the opportunity to see a situation from a completely new perspective and use it to your advantage. Just try not to let your emotions get in the way.

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