Tarot Reading Techniques: Reversed Cards

The Fundamentals Techniques of Tarot Reading; Should you use reversed cards?

Tarot reading is described as an ancient process of divination. This also means divining the future or the unknown with predictions. The tarot is made up of 78 different cards and is divided into two sections namely the Minor and the Major Arcana. Arcana is an ancient word that means “secret”. This indicates that the tarot cards are a collection of secrets that can be revealed through tarot reading. These cards can symbolize many meanings because of their elaborate images and rich connections.

The tarot reader will be the one to interpret the meaning of these cards based on the card’s placement in the spread. The reader is the one responsible in verbalizing these interpretations during the actual tarot reading.

When it comes to learning about tarot, it is necessary to start by knowing all the traditional meaning or symbolization of each card. In fact, a simple reversed card can already portray a different meaning. Nevertheless, the meaning of a reversed tarot will be incorporated depending on the reader. A lot of readers opt not to provide reversed tarot meanings. This will entirely depend on the decision of the tarot reader.

Many experienced and skilled tarot readers do not use reversed cards in their tarot readings. According to these experts, incorporating reverse readings is not necessary since all whole spectrum of action and emotion is already part of the 78 cards. For others, a reverse card simply means that the energy of the upright card is only delayed or blocked in some way. However, there are also other readers who believe that a reverse card may indicate a similar message with an upright card but more attention must be given to it.

The decision in using reversals will rest entirely on you. However, if you are just a beginner in tarot reading, then it is more advisable to use the traditional upright interpretation of the cards. This will require more time and training to understand reversed cards.

Nevertheless, if you are already confident with your skill in reading tarot cards, then you can try using the reversed card meanings. There are several different ways in order for you to incorporate reversed cards in your deck. First, you can shuffle the deck properly and divided the cards into two. In order to have reversed cards, you can turn the other half upside down. You can go on with the process until you are satisfied that the cards are already reversed. You can use this every time you start a reading to ensure that a different set of cards will be reversed. You can also let the subject person cut the deck and decide which of the two halves will be turned upside down. Aside from this, you can also allow the cards to naturally reverse by mixing them face down on top of the table.


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