Tarot Spreads and Card Meanings

Tarot Spreads and Card Meanings
Tarot Reading: Understanding Tarot Spreads and Card Combinations

Most tarot readings revolve around a particular tarot card spread chosen by the tarot reader. The tarot spread serves as a sort of map to help identify the key issues or challenges that relate back to the question asked. There are literally hundreds of tarot card spreads that can be used for a tarot reading, and usually each tarot reader has a few favorite tarot spreads they prefer to work with depending on the type of question being asked.

Tarot card spreads are one of the most significant aspects for tarot reading. However, one element that often gets overlooked while performing a tarot card reading is the combination of tarot cards and how their tarot card meanings build upon each other during the course of a reading.

The first thing to remember when doing a tarot reading is that all of the cards in a tarot card spread should always relate back to the primary question posed before the reading began. It’s not uncommon for some beginner readers to lose direction during a tarot reading and miss the basic principles that relate back to the initial question. Going off in different directions can at times be appropriate, however, if it doesn’t return to answering the initial question be asked, more often than not, the reading can fall short. For this reason, it’s always best to try to stay on track as much as possible and associate the cards to the initial question.

It’s also important to recognize which card represents the various aspects of a tarot spread. If you are interpreting a tarot reading, don’t confuse a card that represents the past with one that represents the future. As you lay the cards down, be sure to identify which card comes first and which one comes last and what the significance of each card is within the spread. In most cases, the tarot card meanings are influenced by the cards that are placed in their sequential order. For example, after the first card is placed down the meaning of the second card will often be influenced by the card that came before it.

Finally, be aware of specific card combinations. You will want to determine how many Major Arcana cards come up versus Minor Arcana cards. You will also want to look for the number of specific suit cards that come up. Finally, be aware of numbers. If there are two or more cards with the same numerical associations, there typically is a specific numerological reason for this.

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