Tarot Reading and the Suit of Wands Court Cards

Understanding the Courts Cards of the Suit Of Wands in a Tarot Reading

The Suit of Wands the tarot suit direction and action. It is the suit of creativity and is symbolic of our imagination and resourcefulness. The Suit also represents the seeds of our lives, the new starts and our very ideas, from which things grow. When it comes to Tarot card meanings the Suit of Wands is linked to the sense of purpose and career as one deals with the world. The presence of Wands shows a need to take a look at your choices and then move forward with purpose.
Understanding The Tarot Meanings Of The Wands Court Cards in a  Reading

Following is a quick summary of the tarot meanings of the Wands court cards. The Wands tend to represent warm, enthusiastic individuals when they show up in a Tarot spread. They are individuals that put a price on their independence, and prefer to be entrepreneurs, with a preference towards self-employment and being self-made. They get things done with a preference towards action rather than talk. They tend to be resourceful and full of life. The Wands court cards also have Tarot meanings that associate them the signs of Leo Arie, and Sagittarius.

The Page of Wands is tends to symbolize a boy or girl, usually with brown hair and blue or hazel eyes. Although they tend towards being impatient, hyperactive, and spoiled, they can also be hard-working, enthusiastic, and loyal. When they show up they herald a lot of communication or a possible reunion with an old friend or even lover. The Page tells you to consider you next move as you may be missing important facts.

The Knight of Wands can represent a young man, one less than 35 years old, with fair hair and grey or blue eyes. He tends to be argumentative, jealous, and violent, but can also be athletic, vigorous, and unpredictable. The Knight heralds a dramatic change in one's life, such as a change of address or even traveling overseas.
In a tarot reading, The Queen of Wands can represent a woman of any age, usually with red or fair hair with brown or blue eyes. Although they can be overbearing, vindictive, or even matriarchal, they can also be practical, warm, and home-centered but independent. The Queen of Wands shows up when someone is being over-reliant on other individuals, in situations where passive behavior is blocking the person's forward movement.

The King of Wands can symbolize an older man, usually over 35 years old. He red or fair hair and grey or hazel eyes. Although he can intolerant, prejudiced, and autocratic, he can also be courageous, fair, and generally traditional. The King of Wands shows a need for wisdom and to seek balance. He shows that idealism and practicality can merge, allowing the person to act with integrity.


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